Subdomains & Redirects

A response to the Redirecting with a Subdomain Activity
created by Lisa Koster (@lkoster)

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I always wondered about how it worked with additional words instead of www were added to the URL

I did the activity – linking my new “” page to my current blog that I started for Extend West.  Very cool.

The only thing is that is you see the URL at the top that you’ve redirected to.  Which is fine. Is there a way to keep it with the redirected subdomain URL?  Did I miss that?

I played around with adding another subdomain: instead of using a subdirectory like we did last week.

I liked how it added a whole new “folder” of it’s own, rather than a subfolder within the main site. I would think it would be easier to manage different “sub-sites”.

I tried to cut and paste the screenshot I took, but it didn’t work.  So I created a subfolder and posted it here:



Example for "Subdomains & Redirects":

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