Subsite of my subdomain? (is that the right term?)

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created by Lisa Koster (@lkoster)

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So this was a bit different for me. This year I am doing everything within the site, so I had to look at slightly different places for the files and to create the subdirectory.

It was a great test to see if I remembered anything from last year.

I added a directory called “Subsite” and uploaded the zip file.  Once extracted, it created the site easily.

Changing the information by editing the index file was straightforward.  I used the visual editor. no HTML required.

Changing the pictures was a different story.  I changed them as the directed, but for some reason the pictures weren’t changing. I changed browsers, and it worked. I went “incognito” and it also worked.

I am guessing that it wasn’t truly re-loading the pictures (although the text was changed).

I think I will have to explore the HTML UP ( now!

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