To Honour One’s Calling!

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created by Ronald Menard (@RonaldMenard9)

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Metaphors to describe my teaching philosophy 

My real job in life is to honour my calling in the best way possible, that is to determine who I am meant to be as a.teacher. The following metaphors I have chosen from this module resonate well with me. « The Lamplighters » describe how instructors attempt to illuminate the minds of their learners. I always emphasize the importance to tackle the skills of critical thinking, critical reading, and writing essays in logical sequence. The central approach is the concept of real-world writing; it must be clear, coherent, and comprehensible in order to succeed in today’s technologically enhanced workplace. « The Challengers » question learner’s assumptions, helping them see subject matter in new and fresh ways, and developing critical thinking skills. As « Travel Guides, » instructors also assist people along the path of learning. They make distinctions among student’s emotional reactions, opinions, and inferences when dealing with modern day issues.

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