What's In a Domain Name

A response to the What’s In a Domain Name? Activity
created by Kim Carter (@Kcarte02)

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cupofTEAching.ca is what I have decided to use for my domain name. I struggled to decide because I wondered if something with my name was more appropriate. The truth is I have no pre-conceived ideas about what a domain is and how I will eventually use it. The name cupofTEAching was something my “kids” (adult millennials) helped me come up with; a mash up of two of my favourite things teaching and tea. I think it works because a cup of tea can be so satisfying and a pot of tea too filling. Similar to teaching and subsequently learning (in measurable doses) can be so satisfying and too much a little overwhelming. I look forward to learning about constructing a domain, its uses, and how (one cup at a time) it will enhance my teaching and learning.

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