A Notable new theme Response

Added by Irene Stewart, response for Trying on a New WordPress Theme Activity

For my main site, procaffination.ca, I tried a couple of new themes. It was fun to see my pages and posts in different formats. Now that I know a bit more about wordpress and my domain through the Domain Camp activities, I have a better idea how to customize to get things looking the way… Read more »

JM Twitter Cards Plug in Response

Added by Irene Stewart, response for Plugging in WordPress Plugins Activity

I have been trying out JM TwitterCards. I like to share my blog post to twitter but have not always liked how it looks. With JM TwitterCards, I have set up some defaults that show a large picture with a summary below as well as a default photo that matches my site that would be… Read more »

What's on the menu? Response

Added by Irene Stewart, response for Setting Out Your WordPress Menus Activity

Menus –  what to put on them, where to have them – has been a bit of a puzzle. My procaffination.ca webspace is the landing page of my domain that is the front door for the subdomains I have set up. I messed around a bit with the theme but I am still not satisfied…. Read more »

Playing with Permalinks Response

Added by Irene Stewart, response for Wrangling WordPress Permalinks Activity

In an earlier camp activity, I changed my permalinks to “post.” For this exercise, I am trying a custom permalink with Year, Month and Post. As you can see in the web link for this submission, it works pretty well. It is still a long link, but I have decided that I don’t mind that… Read more »

Tutors and their payroll – Made better Response

Added by Irene Stewart, response for It’s Alive! Activity

The Technologist Module was a thought-provoking adventure for me, where I thought I was going was not where I ended up but the process of working through the sections of the modules and the activities led to what I believe is the right place for helping tutors learn an unfriendly software system for entering their… Read more »

Sections Analysis for Tutor Training – Payroll Response

Added by Irene Stewart, response for SECTIONS Activity

After mapping out options on paper, I decided on an onboarding video to cover types of appointments, timing and submission process followed by a timeline/check list document that explains how the software expects information to be entered. Then a series of gifs could show the basic steps for each type of appointment and how to… Read more »

Tutor Payroll Training Response

Added by Irene Stewart, response for Learner Challenge Activity

I added a section called Tutor Payroll Training. I have been thinking about how to make information accessible whenever tutors needed it as well as how to present the steps to payroll in a way that helps with onboarding (a concept in games where beginners are introduced to the game mechanics). I also got a… Read more »

Tutor Training Response

Added by Irene Stewart, response for Empathy Map Activity

Because the “course” I am working with is essential Tutor Training, I don’t have course feedback forms to work with. At the recent leadership day, I asked for feedback that would help me with this activity. The tutors were happy to share and it also generated some ideas for things we could improve in both… Read more »

Adjusting the settings Response

Added by Irene Stewart, response for Adjusting a Few Key Settings in WordPress Activity

I poked around and corrected the timezones, changed a few options and update my profile. I did these things for the three main areas of my site that uses WordPress. I even set different colours for the dashboards. I took a screenshot and added this to my image holding area on my site. This was… Read more »