My Own Cloud Storage Response

Added by Kim Carter, response for Store and Share Files in your Domain’s OwnCloud Activity

I was able to install OwnCloud, I uploaded pictures and I created a sound folder. In my sound folder is a heart beat by Mike Koenig from free sound effects. I think this is a very useful feature to have on my domain. I can use it for both personal and professional.

YOURLs Response

Added by Kim Carter, response for Adding YOURLs- a URL Shortener to Your Domain Activity

I love this tool. I now have one place to store my bookmarked links. that makes them easy to find and share.  I like that this runs through my own domain. I am not sure that the URLs are actually shorter because it adds in the name bookmarks. However, I like that I can store… Read more »

Running my site under SSL Response

Added by Kim Carter, response for Running Your Sites under SSL Activity

I was able to issue certificates for my sites and my previous and new Word Press accounts/blogs. The only step I was not able to complete was the automatic force serving content. When I went to create the .htaccess file it said it was an error because it already existed. When I clicked on it… Read more »

Email Response

Added by Kim Carter, response for An Email of Your Own Activity

Hello, Forwarding the email was fairly straight forward. I think this made the most sense as I do not want to check multiple emails. I think being aware that if I respond that it will show the email I am responding from is important to be mindful of. I had a bit of trouble remembering… Read more »

I modified a splot Response

Added by Kim Carter, response for Build a WordPress SPLOT Activity

I created a Splot for uploading class pictures. I thought it might be a way to save images of fun times in the classroom. I am not entirely sure how this would sit on my domain. Perhaps it would be a link via the LMS for my students. In the spirit of creating fun, the… Read more »

Creating A Landing Page Response

Added by Kim Carter, response for Building a WordPress Calling Card Site Activity

I played around most of the afternoon with the various options for a new landing page. I was able to change the picture. I learned that my pictures are too big (so I played around with resizing the picture). I was able to link my twitter account. I also imported my blog from WordPress. I… Read more »

Password Protected Response

Added by Kim Carter, response for Password Protecting Part of Your Domain Activity

Hello, I had to try a few times but I was able to password protect my files. I can see that this would be quite a useful way to privatize parts of my domain or keeping with the theme of camp….. lock some buildings.

Redirect Response

Added by Kim Carter, response for Redirecting with a Subdomain Activity

I created a new subdomain for videos for one of my courses. I then redirected the video to a screen cast that I created with screen-casto-matic. I wondered if a use would be a weekly release of an instructional video. If it changes each week then I could change the video but the URL link… Read more »