Haven't gone this old school in a while… Response

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I created a sub-folder on my sub-domain and uploaded a simple templated HTML5/CSS website to create a simple calling card page at http://sp.chrisaldrich.net/me/. I couldn’t bring myself to replace the picture of the little kid with the gaping mouth because it was just too cute. While I occasionally do some small uploading tweaks like this,… Read more »

A placeholding experiment. Response

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These are an interesting little side experiment for getting something quick and dirty up. I think they’d be more valuable as simple templates if they’d let one define some additional links like “Blog” with an icon and a field to redirect to a subdirectory or subdomain. I was also surprised that there were so many… Read more »

Why my domain name is outstanding (literally!) Response

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My current domain name (boffosocko.com) came from a crazy brainstorm several years ago when I was registering a handful of domain names related to ideas in the entertainment industry. I was surprised that there were a handful of well-known and commonly used industry phrases that were freely available, so I scooped them all up. While… Read more »

RSS is Life Response

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RSS is incredibly valuable as is OPML. I had used Feedly for several years, but made the switch to Inoreader last year, in part because it has one additional useful feature that Feedly doesn’t: OPML subscription. While it’s nice to be able to import and export OPML files, needing to remember to update them┬ácan be… Read more »