My column – Course as curation Response

Added by Helen DeWaard, response for Curation Creation Activity

Curating resources, activities and content for a course can be done using a website or blog site. I’ve used WordPress and Weebly for course curation where iterations and revisions happen each time the course is taught. It’s a living, breathing curation of current and critical resources for the topics under discussion within the course. I’ve… Read more »

Curation as course web site Response

Added by Helen DeWaard, response for Find Your Fit Activity

I’ve been a curator for some time. When I’m prepping a new course, I create a course website and map out the course content as a curation of resources for the students. This is the starting point for our class or module conversations and a springboard for deeper learning. Since these are openly accessible, the… Read more »

Mapping it out Response

Added by Helen DeWaard, response for Syllabus Concept Map Activity

My mapping experience has been honed by the work I’ve done over the years in a variety of concept mapping tools. This blog post shares some mapping software items that I’ve explored and why I’m currently using Mindomo in my online course.