Publishing Curated content on Scoop.It Response

Added by Ronald Menard, response for Your Definition Is This Activity

Publishing curated content on a topic page will help me share valuable information with my social networks, showcase my expertise and build my professional brand. helps in creating an organized path through the best materials I know of besides photocopies of great articles I have found, or organizing PDFs on Moodle, and gathering… Read more »

Curation as course web site Response

Added by Helen DeWaard, response for Find Your Fit Activity

I’ve been a curator for some time. When I’m prepping a new course, I create a course website and map out the course content as a curation of resources for the students. This is the starting point for our class or module conversations and a springboard for deeper learning. Since these are openly accessible, the… Read more »

One Picture Response

Added by Helen DeWaard, response for Consider This Activity

Finding the perfect ‘one picture’ for a blog post or media production can be challenging. With so many curated collections of images, it’s hard to weave your way through and find just the right one. Using a variety of search words is one way to widen the view or narrow things down to manageable piles… Read more »