Find Your Fit Response

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For this activity I am going to go through the process of three OER that I could potentially use in a course. I actually went through this activity last summer when looking for an open source text for a course. I searched through many resources until I came across the perfect book. I finally found… Read more »

Consider This Response

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In this post I am going to look for an image which I could use in one of my courses that is open source. I often need images for my slides and course content, and I usually end up creating this material from scratch. However, there is a huge amount of content out there that… Read more »

Your Definition Is This Response

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This post is about my definition of content curation. As one of the things I do in my position, I keep track of the resources we use in the program and think about what else we can incorporate. When I sit back and look at what the best possible educational outcome would be for the… Read more »

It's Alive! Response

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My next post is about a technology tool that I found through consultation with the experts in the Hub. I had two problems I wanted to address when I went down there. As usual, they came up with creative solutions to problems I didn’t even know I had.


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As someone who both teaches and uses technology, it is interesting to think about how it works from the student perspective and how I use it in my teaching practice.

Learner Challenge Response

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In my first data analytics class, I used one of my favourite examples of analytics and statistics on the field and in the management office, the movie Moneyball. The premise is that using statistics and predictive analytics, player performance can be improved, sometimes in a more effective way than going on instinct alone. I like the… Read more »

Empathy Map Response

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My  empathy map of my learners was an interesting reflection. Before the program started and I was designing courses for who I imagined my participants would be, I always wondered if, like Goldilocks, the content would be too hard, too easy, or just right. Without meeting the students that will be involved in the program,… Read more »

Digital Literacies Response

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Everyone is a teacher and a learner at the same time. Appreciating this helps understand the struggles some students have with technology. By building on their existing skills, and adding some of my own, students can be empowered and feel comfortable dealing with new technology.

Teaching and Learning Metaphor Response

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My teaching and learning are a lot of Winnie the Pooh. Well, Winnie and his group of friends. Some days I feel like Tigger, bouncing off the walls with energy, multi tasking, writing lectures, emailing, and making checklists of the other hundred things I have to accomplish. Or sometimes it’s a Piglet day. I have… Read more »

Please Allow Me To Introduce My Field Response

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In my orientation the day before the program began, I wanted to find out who the students were, get to know them, and most importantly understand their technical and English skills. The courses in the program were developed around essay writing, and computer science, math and statistics for analytics. Until the day of the orientation,… Read more »