Share the Plan Response

Added by Helen DeWaard, response for SoTL #6 – Share Your SoTL Research Plan Activity

The plan is only as good as the planner can make it. Sometimes it takes more eyes on the plan to see where potential gaps may lie, where logistics and issues will arise, and where the plan needs to be sent back to the drawing board. I’m open to feedback on this plan. Just leave… Read more »

Reflecting in Action Response

Added by Helen DeWaard, response for SoTL #5 – Reflect on Your SoTL Plan Activity

It’s not enough to have a dissemination plan. I need to be reflecting in, on, and of actions throughout this SoTL project. Just as rapid prototyping in the design of a bicycle or car requires adjustments as the product is being built, so too will this SoTL project adapt and iterate in action. With a… Read more »

Designing in Action Response

Added by Helen DeWaard, response for SoTL #4 – Design Your SoTL Project Activity

The SoTL design forced me to review and circle back to the previous elements and blog posts I’d written. I’ve iterated and adjusted the design as I move through this module. I’ve tried to stay consistent, but I know there are elements that may need to be tweaked as the design process moves forward.

Flipping over Flipgrid Response

Added by Helen DeWaard, response for Tools of The Trade Activity

This one caught my eye. It’s a quick, video¬† tool that allows students or participants to provide 90 second video responses for a particular purpose or project. Take a look and you too may be flipping over Flipgrid.

Teching it out Response

Added by Helen DeWaard, response for It’s Alive! Activity

This response is a reflection on the use of Slack as a back channel conversation space for students taking an online course where critical digital literacies is taught to teacher candidates. Since this tech tool is relatively new to most students, since it is not prominent in the education sector, it puts all participants on… Read more »

Getting to Know: An Empathy Map Experience Response

Added by Helen DeWaard, response for Empathy Map Activity

Completing the empathy map helped clarify pain points and gain points for students in both the F2F course and online courses I teach. Focusing on what I believe are the responses to key points – what students say, do, hear, feel, see, and think as they progress through a course offering. While pre-course surveys help… Read more »

SECTIONS – a reflection while Slacking Response

Added by Helen DeWaard, response for SECTIONS Activity

This response includes a full reflection on the SECTIONS framework for the use of the digital tool Slack for an online course in Critical Digital Literacy in a Faculty of Education elective course. While the use of Slack is relatively new in the education sector, it’s use in business environments is stable and growing. Using… Read more »