Adjusting the settings Response

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I poked around and corrected the timezones, changed a few options and update my profile. I did these things for the three main areas of my site that uses WordPress. I even set different colours for the dashboards. I took a screenshot and added this to my image holding area on my site. This was… Read more »

Slaying the email dragon! Response

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This took longer than it should have because of my email software program. I had been using Office Outlook from Office 365. It did not like the procaffination mail at all. I set things up in Windows Live Mail. I have two procaffination accounts – irenestewart and crazycatlady. I set up a forwarder from crazycatlady… Read more »

Secure and feeling fine Response

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I added certificates to my three main sites, update the dot files and installed the plugin. Pretty excited that this one seems to work. I also migrated my posts from my old blog to my new one here and all looks good.