A year later – clean up Response

Added by Irene Stewart, response for Running Your Sites under SSL Activity

I am reviewing Domain Camp from the beginning. In this case, I checked the SSL certificates for each of my subdomains and ensured that I had added the code that would force HTTPS if someone simply entered procaffination.ca. I also removed subdomains that I was not using any more and deleted the folders using File… Read more »

A Notable new theme Response

Added by Irene Stewart, response for Trying on a New WordPress Theme Activity

For my main site, procaffination.ca, I tried a couple of new themes. It was fun to see my pages and posts in different formats. Now that I know a bit more about wordpress and my domain through the Domain Camp activities, I have a better idea how to customize to get things looking the way… Read more »

JM Twitter Cards Plug in Response

Added by Irene Stewart, response for Plugging in WordPress Plugins Activity

I have been trying out JM TwitterCards. I like to share my blog post to twitter but have not always liked how it looks. With JM TwitterCards, I have set up some defaults that show a large picture with a summary below as well as a default photo that matches my site that would be… Read more »

What's on the menu? Response

Added by Irene Stewart, response for Setting Out Your WordPress Menus Activity

Menus –  what to put on them, where to have them – has been a bit of a puzzle. My procaffination.ca webspace is the landing page of my domain that is the front door for the subdomains I have set up. I messed around a bit with the theme but I am still not satisfied…. Read more »

Playing with Permalinks Response

Added by Irene Stewart, response for Wrangling WordPress Permalinks Activity

In an earlier camp activity, I changed my permalinks to “post.” For this exercise, I am trying a custom permalink with Year, Month and Post. As you can see in the web link for this submission, it works pretty well. It is still a long link, but I have decided that I don’t mind that… Read more »

Tutors and their payroll – Made better Response

Added by Irene Stewart, response for It’s Alive! Activity

The Technologist Module was a thought-provoking adventure for me, where I thought I was going was not where I ended up but the process of working through the sections of the modules and the activities led to what I believe is the right place for helping tutors learn an unfriendly software system for entering their… Read more »

Sections Analysis for Tutor Training – Payroll Response

Added by Irene Stewart, response for SECTIONS Activity

After mapping out options on paper, I decided on an onboarding video to cover types of appointments, timing and submission process followed by a timeline/check list document that explains how the software expects information to be entered. Then a series of gifs could show the basic steps for each type of appointment and how to… Read more »