Tutor Payroll Training Response

Added by Irene Stewart, response for Learner Challenge Activity

I added a section called Tutor Payroll Training. I have been thinking about how to make information accessible whenever tutors needed it as well as how to present the steps to payroll in a way that helps with onboarding (a concept in games where beginners are introduced to the game mechanics). I also got a… Read more »

Tutor Training Response

Added by Irene Stewart, response for Empathy Map Activity

Because the “course” I am working with is essential Tutor Training, I don’t have course feedback forms to work with. At the recent leadership day, I asked for feedback that would help me with this activity. The tutors were happy to share and it also generated some ideas for things we could improve in both… Read more »

Adjusting the settings Response

Added by Irene Stewart, response for Adjusting a Few Key Settings in WordPress Activity

I poked around and corrected the timezones, changed a few options and update my profile. I did these things for the three main areas of my site that uses WordPress. I even set different colours for the dashboards. I took a screenshot and added this to my image holding area on my site. This was… Read more »

Slaying the email dragon! Response

Added by Irene Stewart, response for An Email of Your Own Activity

This took longer than it should have because of my email software program. I had been using Office Outlook from Office 365. It did not like the procaffination mail at all. I set things up in Windows Live Mail. I have two procaffination accounts – irenestewart and crazycatlady. I set up a forwarder from crazycatlady… Read more »

Secure and feeling fine Response

Added by Irene Stewart, response for Running Your Sites under SSL Activity

I added certificates to my three main sites, update the dot files and installed the plugin. Pretty excited that this one seems to work. I also migrated my posts from my old blog to my new one here and all looks good.