Password Please Response

Added by Irene Stewart, response for Password Protecting Part of Your Domain Activity

If you want in my private folder, you will need to supply the correct password. Actually, this one took a couple of tries. Not sure what I was doing wrong so I just deleted everything and used the traditional Windows Error hack: I shut everything down and started over from scratch!

Spaces for new ideas Response

Added by Irene Stewart, response for Redirecting with a Subdomain Activity

I have created a subdomain that redirects to my educator youtube channel. I have also created a few other subdomains for areas that I would like to play with. I am pleased that this was very easy to do!

Changing the background image Response

Added by Irene Stewart, response for Using File Manager for Image Changes Activity

I have changed the image from the personal template to a photo of some spiderwebs on a bush in front of the college that I just took. Using the instructions, it was fairly easy to find the right background image. I changed that image to bg1.jpg and then changed my image file name to bp.jpg… Read more »