From Categories to Post Title Response

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So, since I’m using my blog for a different purpose (maybe the wrong one, oh no!) I’m going to post here (and maybe tweet a bit). I love the deliberateness with which I can customize this site.  Initially, I had set my permalinks to the Category/Postname option, but started finding the way I was writing… Read more »

Aw Man! Response

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I feel like I learned this the hard way at week 2 of camp – plus I’m the worst for taking a very DIY approach, and not consulting online communities and forums, so it was a bit painful learning some of this stuff! That said, I’m in love with what I could create with all… Read more »

URL Shortener FTW! Response

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I was forever bouncing into my bitly account to track traffic on my shortlinks, it’s fantastic to have it all rolled in together with my own site!  It did go glitchy on me when I tried to use capitals in the Custom short URL, but worked fine with lowercase. For example worked but… Read more »

Done and Dusted! Response

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I blew in and added certificates to my core domain and a bunch of subdomains, and then was worried that I didn’t see the https:// in front of my WordPress sites – lesson learned to read to the bottom of the page before panicing!

I went a little cray-cray… Response

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I think I may have thought too long and hard about how to pull a SPLOT into my site.  I love these formats, like, real hard. So I built a SPLOT as a sharing section of my site, where faculty could contribute their own stories and examples of how they’re using tech to teach.  Hoping… Read more »

Testing this out Response

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So I’m throwing together what I am hoping will be an operational resource site for my work, but I’m not sure if how I’m setting this up is really well suited to what I’m doing. should be full of events, resources and teaching tips, which I’ve collected in a WP blog.  I’ve not yet… Read more »

Subdomains and Images, yay! Response

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I did it!   Look at this cool new trick I now know.  This was a straightforward process, and I appreciate the way this structured guidance is getting me familiar with the workings of cPanel.  I wonder, is there an easier way for me to find the url without having to reconstruct it by typing?