Diving Cap ON! Response

Added by Jennifer Rouse Barbeau, response for Lab Report Activity

Diving Cap ON! https://www.flickr.com/photos/patsch/8298705214/in/photolist-dDk2Wo-bczzmk-mSmqKA-9i9DPE-66RXCx-npCEzt-98cCUt-8RfUUX-5DWhJr-E1mRY-7C5heL-dBtQf6-dDhJBC-8v2xUY-7d3tgi-5Ub2Yf-deeZtE-dfgVjs-5f5b3m-aaq9SW-98fMnL-5f5aZL-dDfzzv-dDfqX6-5y4QUb-buLTwA-6Vbwsz-5DXAie-5E2MSm-7dxZJj-2h5t15-3KBTjc-az9BUi-2acc1aB-reM2Y6-reM4eT-aa5KuD-bxJeLV-a8rUPU-8ceHhb-bjPmHj-aftyiT-4BRjfS-7wyToB-cFvgLE-4GxJDe-tv1S5u-9wA8Qg-7iBWma-reCr98 (Illustration by Patrik Tschudin, flickr.com, unchange, retrieved from https://bit.ly/2uVdRO1)   I took 3 deep dives in Module 5! Find out which at https://docs.google.com/document/d/16GSMHSocmq2Yt7-Ozkfme7tn6YvI44b3z-8IAYPdPVc/edit?usp=sharing      

Curation as course web site Response

Added by Helen DeWaard, response for Find Your Fit Activity

I’ve been a curator for some time. When I’m prepping a new course, I create a course website and map out the course content as a curation of resources for the students. This is the starting point for our class or module conversations and a springboard for deeper learning. Since these are openly accessible, the… Read more »

Analogy for learning Response

Added by Helen DeWaard, response for Misunderstood Activity

This blog post talks about the tricky idea about ‘what is learning’ since prior knowledge of what learning really is can hinder the understanding of teacher candidates as they work with children. How do they know when learning has occurred if they can’t ‘see’ it? The analogy of riding a backwards bike is used.