RSS Feeds – Year 2 Response

Added by Lisa Koster, response for Building a WordPress Syndication Hub Activity

Well, I got the Feed WordPress plugin to work. This year, I did manage to make sure that I didn’t end up with a bunch of new categories. (Thanks Alan for the very informative video). I chose to add a friends blogposts about Domain Camp (@Kcarte02) as well as the eCampus Ontario – Extenders RSS… Read more »

Manually finding out the WordPress Theme… Response

Added by Lisa Koster, response for Trying on a New WordPress Theme Activity

Last year (and this year), I played around with applying different themes to my site. There are so many to choose from, It can be daunting to find just the right one. I thought this year I would try to manually determine the theme another site uses. That was pretty fun. I went to… Read more »

Contact Me Plugin Response

Added by Lisa Koster, response for Plugging in WordPress Plugins Activity

This year I decided to install one of the plugins that was recommended for the DI Responsive Theme that I chose to use for my Camp2019 blog..  I installed the Contact Form 7. It was very easy and all I had to do was copy a short link and add it to one of my… Read more »

Menus Response

Added by Lisa Koster, response for Setting Out Your WordPress Menus Activity

As I wrote last year, I wish this activity was around when I was first learning WordPress 6 years ago. I learned everything here the hard way .. I recently combined two different blogs into one. This required a re-vamp of my entire menu structure which you can see here The Theme I had chosen… Read more »

Updating to SSL Response

Added by Lisa Koster, response for Running Your Sites under SSL Activity

This was an opportunity to go back to my old “blog” that I moved over from GoDaddy to Reclaim hosting. I issued the SSL certificate and then went into WordPress and added the plug in. Voila! No more “Not Secure”!  

new email! Response

Added by Lisa Koster, response for An Email of Your Own Activity

This was a neat task. this year I added an email and checked out the webmail app. I think forwarding an email makes the most sense. Who needs another email! The hardest part was adding the screen shot and remembering how to find the URL for it!! 🙂