Installing WordPress! Response

Added by Lisa Koster, response for Installing a WordPress Blog in Your Domain Activity

I installed the WordPress site, changed the theme and played around a bit… I look forward to learning more. rather than trying to build one big site, you can have self-contained sites within the same domain. I can see that this would be very useful. Especially when you might have different blogs for different purposes… Read more »

Redirecting Response

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I did my redirect by pointing my camp2019.videos subdomain to a Youtube video. Very easy. I can see this as being a great way to share instead of using a link. For example, if you are doing a presentation and you have a PowerPoint, video or handout – you could send them to a… Read more »

Subdomain of a Subdomain? Response

Added by Lisa Koster, response for Creating Subdomains in Cpanel Activity

Because I completed domain camp last year, I decided to make a subdomain to hold all my work for this year. In order to keep my work separate, I created subdomains with the same “camp2019” at the beginning. I was able to separate them with a “.” (I wasn’t sure if it would actually work,… Read more »

Subsite of my subdomain? (is that the right term?) Response

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So this was a bit different for me. This year I am doing everything within the site, so I had to look at slightly different places for the files and to create the subdirectory. It was a great test to see if I remembered anything from last year. I added a directory called “Subsite”… Read more »

Learning for Growth Response

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I completed Domain Camp last year and I found it quite rewarding. I am still agonizing over the right “home address”.  I chose the name learn4growth because I believe when we learn new things, we grow as a person, both personally and professionally. Last year we made all kinds of cool subdomains and pages.  So… Read more »

Plugins Oh My! Response

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There seems to be a plug in for everything!  I tried Askinet an JetPack and unfortunately, both seemed to have only a paid version. So I decided to have some fun and try the Instagram Feed by 10web.  It was easy to upload and install.  Once I figured out it created a page for me,… Read more »