Menus & Themes Response

Added by Lisa Koster, response for Setting Out Your WordPress Menus Activity

I have previously played around with menus before so this started out as a review.  It’s probably one of the most tricky things to learn in WordPress, especially if you are trying to use as a static website rather than a blog.  I had to learn the difference between posts and pages. Adding a custom… Read more »

Organizing posts Response

Added by Lisa Koster, response for Organizing Your WordPress Site With Categories and Tags Activity

Since I had used WordPress in the past, I was very familiar with the use of categories.   I used the categories to create the menu of topics – so each page showed the posts relating to that category (instead of typing in, visitors could click on the link in the menu and get the same… Read more »

My site is secure! Response

Added by Lisa Koster, response for Running Your Sites under SSL Activity

The “Let’s Encrypt™ SSL” page was pretty easy to use.  Even editing the .htaccess file was easy. However, in my directory, I already had that file. I am guessing it was because it’s a WordPress site?  I renamed the original and created a new file based on the directions. It worked perfectly. I created a… Read more »

Email Address for my new website Response

Added by Lisa Koster, response for An Email of Your Own Activity

I created an email that I could use to post on my website.  I also forwarded this email to my personal account so I will not have to check an extra email. I added a subpage to my main website and added the picture of my new email onto an html page so it’s easy… Read more »

SPLOT of my Own Response

Added by Lisa Koster, response for Build a WordPress SPLOT Activity

I tried adding a SPLOT to upload photos that relate to Math. I think I got it working correctly.  I can add pictures directly through the Collect tab rather than having to go into WordPress and create pages. The only think I don’t like is that the Collect Tab shows for anyone – even though… Read more »