Email Address for my new website Response

Added by Lisa Koster, response for An Email of Your Own Activity

I created an email that I could use to post on my website.  I also forwarded this email to my personal account so I will not have to check an extra email. I added a subpage to my main website and added the picture of my new email onto an html page so it’s easy… Read more »

SPLOT of my Own Response

Added by Lisa Koster, response for Build a WordPress SPLOT Activity

I tried adding a SPLOT to upload photos that relate to Math. I think I got it working correctly.  I can add pictures directly through the Collect tab rather than having to go into WordPress and create pages. The only think I don’t like is that the Collect Tab shows for anyone – even though… Read more »

Creating Subdomains Response

Added by Lisa Koster, response for Creating Subdomains in Cpanel Activity

I created a few subdomains to use to play around with on this website. I also added the screenshot showing the subdomains I created. As I work through these activities, I will have to give more thought to how I would like to structure this site. Perhaps add more subdomains for hobbies? family? It will… Read more »

Do NOT Enter Response

Added by Lisa Koster, response for Password Protecting Part of Your Domain Activity

Adding security to a site is great if you want to share files/pictures/webpages with a few people, but not the world. I would imagine it’s only as safe as the password you use..but if definitely keeps out the majority of people who you may not want to see certain files. Again – you can use… Read more »

Subdomains & Redirects Response

Added by Lisa Koster, response for Redirecting with a Subdomain Activity

I always wondered about how it worked with additional words instead of www were added to the URL I did the activity – linking my new “” page to my current blog that I started for Extend West.  Very cool. The only thing is that is you see the URL at the top that you’ve… Read more »

That was fun!! Response

Added by Lisa Koster, response for Adding a Self Contained Site with File Manager Activity

This was a pretty easy task and lots of fun. Instead of downloading the image files, I just renamed them.  When I chose my files to upload, I renamed them first, then uploaded them.   It worked like a charm!!  So exciting!! I modified the index file to add in my own information. I even changed… Read more »