Misunderstood Math Response

Added by Lisa Koster, response for Misunderstood Activity

This is my response to the Misunderstood Activity.  Before trying to come up with something of my own, I thought I would do some searching to see if someone else had already found an answer.  I found something and shared it in my post. This was a great exercise in thinking outside of the subject… Read more »

Mapping Math1020 Response

Added by Lisa Koster, response for Syllabus Concept Map Activity

In the Fall I will be teaching a course I have never taught before.  When this activity came up, I thought it would be a good idea to map Math1020 so that I could get an understanding of the topics I will be teaching.  

And the Journey Begins… Response

Added by Lisa Koster, response for Exit Through The Workshop Activity

So I had a hard time deciding how to look into the future and see what the world would look like with me in it.  Maybe because I don’t see MY world changing – the things that make me happy, my thoughts on education and learning. The tools will change. Technology will change. Students will… Read more »