What's in it for Me? Response

Added by Lynn Cartan, response for WIIFM Activity

My response to WIIFM, which looks at not just what’s in it for the student at a high level but also considers the WIIFM perspective for specific topics.

Holding my Place Response

Added by Lynn Cartan, response for Building a Front Entrance for Your Domain with Site Publisher Activity

For this activity, I did some tweaks to the original landing page I’d created for Learning Squirrel.   I changed out to a different template, updating to the Fresh one.  The image here shows what the updated landing page looked like after also completing the activity to change the image.  Already much better than the old… Read more »

Down the Rabbit Hole Response

Added by Lynn Cartan, response for Adding a Self Contained Site with File Manager Activity

For this activity, I ended up going out to HTML5UP and picking up the Spectral template.  Originally I had just intended to just unpack the site and perhaps change an image or two.  Instead, I found myself looking at how I could change the title by going in and editing code.   From there, I added… Read more »

Updated Images Response

Added by Lynn Cartan, response for Using File Manager for Image Changes Activity

I had previously set up a Learning Squirrel basic landing page using the About Me template.   For this activity, I switched it out to the Fresh template which had a background image of a bunch of grapes.  I added an image from Unsplash (Photo by Esteban Lopez on Unsplash).   I also added a button to take viewers to… Read more »

Starting Out with Subdomains Response

Added by Lynn Cartan, response for Creating Subdomains in Cpanel Activity

I currently have a few subdomains set up at Learning Squirrel.  These include: blog.  – where the Learning Squirrel blog resides polls.  – for future use videos.  – links to my Youtube channel (some recorded video lectures and assignments for courses I’m taking) photos.  – currently links to the gallery another of my websites, Scrapmonkey.ca… Read more »

Syllabus Concept Map – HLTH 326 Response

Added by Lynn Cartan, response for Syllabus Concept Map Activity

I developed this syllabus concept map for an existing course I developed.  The course covers Information Systems and Technology for the Health Information Management Program.  But, it also became a repository for topics that don’t fit anywhere else in the program.  Concept mapping it makes clear that it would benefit from readjusting the content.