Cultivating My PLN Garden Response

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Cultivate a PLN full of marigolds — educators that will protect you from weeds and pests, and ensure you grow into a healthy and strong educator yourself.

Curating Content Using OER Response

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Finding quality OER for the context in which you need it proves to be a challenge; however, you can find needles in the haystack by using proper search terms and narrowing down searches using filters.

Using SECTIONS to evaluate technology Response

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I’m not one to use the SECTIONS model often, if at all. I try to find open source or free technology for students to use. I know that approval for new technology or license purchases are a challenge. We have a Hub team member dedicated to this process – he hears what faculty want and… Read more »

Leveraging Use of Google Suite Response

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I have had students that are resistant to group work. At first, I just thought that they need to get over it — but after doing the empathy map and finding out exactly what it was about group work that students didn’t like I found out that it went far beyond just “I don’t like… Read more »