I'm an Experimenter! Fanning the Flames of Learning Response

Added by Helen DeWaard, response for Lab Report Activity

Here’s a report on experimentations I’ve made into digital tools for teaching and learning. It includes links to experimentations with virtual communities, people and ideas with whom my experimentations continue! I invite you to experiment with me at any time.

Waiting for Dessert! Response

Added by Helen DeWaard, response for The Collaborative Dining Table Activity

This is the story about Project Podcasting where I engage my students in podcasting for the first time. As their teacher, I collaborate with podcasters to build a podcasting PLN that turns out to be just the appetizer. Now I’m waiting for dessert.

Curation as course web site Response

Added by Helen DeWaard, response for Find Your Fit Activity

I’ve been a curator for some time. When I’m prepping a new course, I create a course website and map out the course content as a curation of resources for the students. This is the starting point for our class or module conversations and a springboard for deeper learning. Since these are openly accessible, the… Read more »