Are those used books and DVDs taking up space or Response

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Image link: Content curation to me is like managing contents in my home. From a contextual perspective, it’s important to know that I live in a stacked townhouse (i.e., people live below me) in downtown Toronto and so I don’t have a lot of space for clutter and random junk. I evaluate everything that comes… Read more »

Free photos and more everywhere Response

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I recently started a blog and struggled to find free images.  Now, I’m all set.  I tried the CC site and Unsplash as per the instructions in the module, and have easily gravitated to Unsplash – it’s so easy to use.  I’d likely use the CC site if I had other needs like sounds.  See… Read more »

What he lacks in pooping, my son makes up in reading – A nod to digital literacy Response

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Yesterday, Anne Sado, GBC’s president spoke at an Economic Development forum about digital disruption in college education. I’m glad to hear that these types of conversations are happening because we need to change our ways (how we provide education and what we provide) in order to meet the needs of students. Please see my blog… Read more »

Using WhatsApp to improve group work Response

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Check out my post on Padlet re using WhatsApp to improve group work.  Some students have challenges communicating in groups, so I have started to use request that they make Whatsapp groups at the start of the semester.  This way I can check in on what they are discussing and to see who is a… Read more »

Introductory MTKG class – Using NearPod Response

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On the first day of the semester, I typically use NearPod’s student response system to deliver and discuss a series of questions to my students.  This allows me to learn about them, find out what captures their attention, and identify the subjects that they are most interested in for future class discussions. As you know,… Read more »

SMART Objectives Response

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@ontarioextend #oextWEST A. Teaching for Learning:  I feel that writing clear, specific, and measurable objectives is a critical skill for marketing/business students, if not all students. SMART Objectives Using the SMART approach (SMART = Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound.  Video: ) helps students to identify what it is that they want to achieve, with… Read more »