Slow and Steady Response

Added by Melanie Lefebvre, response for SoTL #5 – Reflect on Your SoTL Plan Activity

As for dissemination of knowledge, I’m lucky to work at an institution with an innovation hub which is a natural way to assist in knowledge dissemination. This provides a perfect avenue to consult with colleagues informally or at a more formal level such as a scheduled professional development session. Not only is there an innovation hub,… Read more »

Design Time Response

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I put the Scholar module aside for awhile and recently returned to it. My research question had evolved. I’ve found that participation has naturally improved as rapport has developed and students become more comfortable with small group work in class. What I’ve now become more curious about is how to help students become familiar and comfortable… Read more »

Initial Idea Response

Added by Melanie Lefebvre, response for SoTL #3 – Refine Your SoTL Plan Activity

I was tasked to consider an area of interest. Initially, I narrowed it down to increase classroom participation. Because I am teaching a program with many practical application aspects, it is important that students are regularly applying what they’ve learned before entering the field. Students however have expressed reservations about role-plays in front of the classroom…. Read more »

Another Top 3! Response

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The benefit of increasing the amount of reflection about teaching and learning with my colleagues is especially appealing, considering I even look forward to such dialogue on Twitter. By having a common language, we can further support and challenge one another. Improving both student outcomes as well as results on assessments is most definitely appealing…. Read more »

My Top 3 Response

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The metaphor of the syllabus as a hypothesis but what is missing is the closing of the loop. Did we meet our hypothesis? Reflective practice of one’s teaching with an emphasis on student learning Asking a question vs. just teaching without looking for answer. Thus, there is evidence involved. Often stems from a challenge but… Read more »