The Ontario Extend Activity Bank is colloquially known as one of Extend’s “dash sites”

In other words, there is the main page of Ontario Extend Modules at where we share the content that we would like you to learn more about.

And then there are the “dash sites”, where all the fun happens.

The Activity Bank: – A place to put your Extend module activity work. You can also add new activities that you come up with.

The Daily Extend: – A place to try out short sweet and sometimes even fun Extend activities on a regular, ongoing basis.

The Flow of Domains: – A central hub of Extenders blog posts. Go here to see the action happening in Extend-Land!

How To Use The Bank

Here’s the situation. You find yourself motoring along through the Ontario Extend Teacher for Learning Module and you come across the first activity and think “Cool! I want to try it! What do I do? Write my response on a napkin?”

Well, yeah, you could. But also you can do it in some digital format and pop it into the bank. Just look for a link under the module activity that says “Take it to The Bank” and lo and behold, you’ll be here in the bank with the chance to add your work to our legacy.

Next you simply click on the nice blue “Add Your Response” button and fill in the form. You will do your actual responding on your own site, as you hopefully by now know. But if not, here is where we tell you about that part!

Welcome to the Dash Club!

featured image: “Fresh Start” flickr photo by cogdogblog shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license